ESS Laboratory has expanded its analytical testing services to support petroleum forensic investigations. For more than twenty years, ESS Laboratory has provided scientifically defensible data with a reputation of superior quality. As a full-service environmental testing facility, ESS Laboratory continues to perform many of the common petroleum analyses including GRO, DRO, CT-ETPH, EPH, VPH, TPH 8100M, and TPH fingerprinting in various matrices.

Forensic Testing Capabilities Include:
  • Hydrocarbon Characterization by GC/FID
    • n-Alkanes
    • Isoprenoids
    • Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons
    • Fingerprinting
  • Parent and Alkylated MAHs and PAHs by GC/MS/SIM/Scan
  • Lead Gasoline Additives by GC/MS/SIM/Scan
  • Parent and Alkyl Polycyclic Aromatics in Sediment Pore Water by Solid Phase Micro-Extraction (SPME)/GC/MS/SIM – EPA 8272/ASTM D 7363-11
  • Quantitative Petroleum Biomarker Compounds by GC/MS/SIM/Scan
    • Steranes
    • Triterpanes
  • Semi-Quantitative Petroleum Biomarker Profiles by GC/MS/SIM/Scan
    • Alkylcyclohexanes
    • Sesquiterpanes
    • Adamantanes
  • Equilibrium Studies
  • Customized Techniques and Procedures
  • Custom Reports and Electronic Deliverables

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