RI and MA Certified Analyses

Coliform, TotalSM9222B, SM9223, SM9221B, SM9223 Colisure MPN
Fecal Coliform SM9221E (MF and MPN)
E. coliSM9211F, SM9223, SM9223 Colisure MPN
EnterococciEnterolert IDEXX (MPN), EPA 1600 (MF)
Heterotrophic BacteriaSM9215B

Other Analyses

E. coliSM9213D, BAM
E. coli 0157:H7BAM P/A
Fecal ColiformSM9221E (A1 broth), SM9222D
Clostridium perfringensEPA/600/R95/030
Hydrocarbon Degrading BacteriaModified SM9125B
SalmonellaBAM P/A, SM9260D, EPA/625/R-92-013
Yeast and MoldsSIM Plate
ListeriaBAM P/A
Staphylococcus aureusSM9213B, BAM
Pseudomonas aeruginosaSM9213E
Aerobic Plate CountBAM
Iron Reducing BacteriaBART
Sulfate Reducing BacteriasBART
MS ColiphageEPA 1601, 1602
Total Spore Count
(air cassette analysis for mold)
Direct microscope count
Mold identificationDirect microscope identification

If you do not see an analysis listed that you are interested in, please contact our laboratory director. We have the capability and know how to tailor a method to your needs.

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