Tetraethyl and Tetramethyl lead were used until the late 20th century as additives to increase the octane rating in gasoline. The combustion of leaded gasoline was responsible for the release of lead into the atmosphere. Today, forensic petroleum analysis uses the presence of these organic lead compounds to characterize and date gasoline spills.

ESS Laboratory employs special techniques to limit the loss of organic lead isomers during the extraction and concentration process and therefore can offer quantitative analysis of these compounds in water and soil matrices.

Compound Aqueous RL (ug/L) Soil RL (ug/Kg) NAPL RL (ug/Kg)
Tetramethyl lead 0.571 4.00 2.00
Trimethylethyl lead 0.571 4.00 2.00
Dimethyldiethyl lead 0.571 4.00 2.00
Methyltriethyl lead 0.571 4.00 2.00
Tetraethyl lead 0.571 4.00 2.00
Total Organic Lead 0.571 4.00 2.00
 RL’s as of 6/2019

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